Coffee machine maintenance in London

Coffee machine maintenance is necessary for at least two reasons. First, to help it deliver good espresso. Second, to increase the unit lifespan. Here, you can find a company that provides the service, get quotation, and book a visit of their engineer.

Coffee machine maintenance Coffee machine maintenance

Why you need professional coffee machine maintenance

While the general caring of your appliance is fully upon you, it is highly recommended to provide it with professional servicing at least once a year. 


With professional coffee machine maintenance service, you can check the appliance health and stay sure it is safe for use. Typically, the activities you need to entrust to experienced engineers include:


  • Boiler descaling
  • Detailed inspection of the unit
  • Thorough cleaning of the casing body, tubes, and fittings
  • Checking and adjusting pump operating pressure and brew pressure


With boiler descaling, you ensure no limescale and, thus, better performance of the boiler. As well as no limescale odour in espresso. With unit inspection, you can detect early signs of failure and prevent breakage. With a thorough cleaning of the casing body, you ensure its purity and no bad smells or bacteria. At last, with professional coffee machine maintenance, you can check and adjust pump operating and brew pressure to keep the unit safe for use and have rich brewing.

How to book coffee machine maintenance with Royal Keepers

On Royal Keepers, you can find company contacts and give them a call to discuss your needs and schedule a visit of their technician. Also, you can book a coffee machine maintenance service directly via Royal Keepers. For this, create an account and send your request right through the in-platform chat.


If you want to get quotations from different companies, fill out the Quotation Request form, and we will send your inquiry to the relevant companies. Then, they will contact you with their quotes. So, you will be able to choose a company that suits your best.



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