The Most Common Coffee Machine Parts That Need Replacing

Coffee machines is an indispensable appliance that offers the convenience of brewing flavoured coffee at ease. However, like any device, coffee machines undergo wear and tear, and certain parts may require replacement over time. Though there are many vendors you can turn to for residential or commercial coffee machine repair in London and all over the UK, understanding the commonly replaced coffee machine components is a must. To clarify, this knowledge can help you keep your finger on the pulse and maintain optimal performance of the appliance.


Here, we will discuss the most frequently replaced parts and provide insights on how to identify and replace them.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are disposable components that need regular replacement. Especially in drip coffee machines or pour-over systems. Bad filters compromise coffee taste. So, replace filters when they appear torn, discolored, or clogged.


Water Filter Cartridges

Water quality significantly influences the flavor and aroma of brewed coffee. Many coffee machines are equipped with water filter cartridges to remove impurities. These cartridges typically require replacement every two to three months, depending on water hardness and usage frequency. Neglecting to replace water filter cartridges depreciate coffee flavour and can even lead to potential machine damage.

Grouphead Gaskets

Espresso machines utilize grouphead gaskets to create a seal between the portafilter and the grouphead. Over time, these rubber gaskets may deteriorate or wear out, resulting in leaks or reduced water pressure. If you notice water seepage around the portafilter or a decline in extraction quality, it may be necessary to replace the grouphead gasket.

Brew Baskets

Drip coffee makers rely on brew baskets to hold the coffee grounds. These baskets are subjected to constant heat and moisture. Damaged or deformed brew baskets can lead to uneven brewing or grounds overflowing into the pot. To maintain consistent coffee quality, it's advisable to replace the brew basket if signs of wear become apparent or if your coffee consistently tastes weak or bitter.

Portafilter Baskets

The portafilter basket accumulates coffee oils and residue over time, resulting in clogs that affect flow rate and espresso consistency. Regular cleaning is necessary, and if the portafilter basket becomes damaged or worn, replacement is recommended for optimal espresso extraction.

Heating Elements

The heating element is responsible for heating the water in coffee machines. Mineral deposits from water can accumulate on the heating element over time, reducing its efficiency and potentially causing overheating or failure. If your coffee machine takes longer than usual to heat up or fails to reach the desired temperature, it may indicate that the heating element requires replacement.


Proper maintenance and timely replacement of coffee machine parts are essential for ensuring the longevity and performance of your beloved coffee maker. By being aware of the most commonly replaced parts, such as coffee filters, water filter cartridges, grouphead gaskets, brew baskets, portafilter baskets, and heating elements, you can proactively preserve your machine's smooth operation and enjoy delicious coffee for years to come.


Remember to consult your user manual if you are going to replace the component yourself. Or contact coffee machine repair company to get their advice or their help.