What is Royal Keepers

We are happy to Welcome you on our website! Royal Keepers is a marketplace for those who want to improve their digital marketing and those who are in search for a verified and trustworthy companies.

For customers


If you are a customer, you can easily find the best company for you task, weather it is an engineering, scaffolding or other need. The companies provide their info, operating hours, certificates and previous projects. You can easily do your quick research and pick a company that suits you best.

For companies


For the company users of Royal Keepers there are many different marketing opportunities, which can easily substitute SEO or other digital marketing tools. You can save money and get a 100% result just by choosing the best subscription for your business. In case if you do not need any subscriptions, you can still use RK for FREE and get new clients or additionally pay just for advertising by selecting a specific category that you may think is the best for your business.


If you are a company user you can also use Royal Keepers as a B2B service and realise a task of any complexity, which may require a collaboration with another business.


Despite you are a company or a customer, we are happy to see you here!