Digital Marketing

What is SEO

The term “SEO service” has become widely known for businesses that deal with content marketing. If you are new to this term, let’s decode and identify what SEO is.

When you surf on the Internet, you use Google or the like. There, you enter your search inquiry and get relevant search results. These Google and the like are search engines. Therefore, the ‘SE’ letters stand for the “search engine”.


As you may notice, there could be hundreds and thousands of search results for your inquiry. And the main task of a search engine is to rank them, so that the most useful of them become the most visible. In terms of a search engine, making content useful means optimising it. Therefore, the “O” letter stands for “optimisation”.


So, when you speak about SEO, you speak about search engine optimisation, which makes your page more useful and, thus, more visible to the users. It is great! The main hardship here is to balance SEO costs and efficiency it delivers.

SEO service as a marketing


In short, effective SEO services help a business to increase its visibility for its customers, both existing and prospective. By optimizing the website content, structure, and many other aspects in accordance with the requirements a search engine considers useful for the users, these services help the website pages rank higher in search results.


Indeed, the higher a page is ranking, the greater chance the users will tap or click its link to open the page and read its content. In other words, to read what you can offer to cover their needs. And if your offer meets their expectations, they may order your services or buy your products.


What will happen if you ignore doing SEO for your website? Right you are – your prospective customer will see the websites of your competitors instead of yours. And will buy their goods or services instead of yours. That is to say, effective SEO services may help your business win competition and enjoy higher sales.

Cost of SEO


First, it is important to mention that no result comes for free. Even with DIY SEO, although facing no direct expenditures, you still have to incur indirect costs. In other words, when doing SEO yourself, you have to spend your time mastering various aspects of optimisation. Time is money. Thus, would it be really cheap to handle search engine optimisation on your own?



Cost of SEO when outscoring


Second, when you apply to a third party, SEO costs may vary greatly. For example, from just 200 to 6,000 and even more. Of course, the general rule of getting what paying for is in effect here as well. To clarify, for just 200, you will not get great and even good enough results - do not fool yourself or be fooled by the great promises of these low-cost SEO service providers. Those agencies, that truly have deep expertise, charge from 3000 on average. 

Royal Keepers vs SEO


Effective SEO services are undoubtedly highly useful for business promotion. However, it is also one of the most expensive marketing tools. Having deep experience in SEO, we have created Royal Keepers – a marketplace that offers all the essential tools for companies, so they can attract new customers.


The main difference is that Royal Keepers itself already has high search ranking positions. Therefore, for businesses that have their accounts on RK, there is no need for turning to an SEO service online. In addition to this advantage, these businesses may also enjoy the following options:


  • Publishing its contact details
  • Publishing its website address
  • Be promoted higher than the other companies
  • Be promoted in the specific categories
  • Be promoted on the main page
  • Showcase its certificates and other information to win customer loyalty


So, register on RK, so your business can benefit from reliable promotion results and take advantage of having an extra marketing channel to catch more leads into your sales funnel.