Why your commercial dishwasher may deliver dishes with spots

Running a commercial kitchen comes with its challenges, and one of the most frustrating issues is finding spots on freshly cleaned dishes from your commercial dishwasher. 


Dive into the heart of the matter by examining the primary causes of spotting in commercial dishwashers. From water quality to detergent choice, we unravel the mystery behind those persistent spots.


Note: most of the causes we will discuss here are not related to the appliance malfunctioning. If your causes are related to malfunctioning, you need to order commercial dishwasher repair, which you can do right on our platform.

Hard Water

Hard water, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, can leave unsightly spots on your dishes. When hard water evaporates, it leaves mineral deposits behind, causing spots. Installing a water softener can be a game-changer. To clarify, it reduces the mineral level in the water.

Detergent Quality and Quantity

The type and amount of detergent play a significant role in dish cleanliness. Low-quality detergents or insufficient amounts can result in spots. Invest in a high-quality, commercial-grade detergent, and apply a correct dosage.

Rinse Aid Usage

Rinse aid helps to break down water droplets and, thus, achieve spotless dishes. To clarify, it prevents the droplets from forming spots during the drying stage of the cycle. To avoid spots, fill the rinse aid dispenser regularly and adjust the settings based on water hardness for optimal results.

Temperature Matters

Extremely hot water can cause spotting due to mineral precipitation, while water that's too cold might not effectively remove detergent. Find the right balance by following manufacturer recommendations for water temperature.

Spray Arm Maintenance

The spray arm should distribute water evenly. If it's clogged or damaged, adequate water coverage is not reached, leading to spots. Thay is why maintenance is the key. Regularly inspect and clean the spray arm.

Dishwasher Loading 

Proper loading of dishes is an often-overlooked aspect. Overcrowded or improperly loaded dishes can obstruct water flow, resulting in uneven cleaning and spots. Apply optimal loading to ensure every item gets the attention it needs.

Bacterial Buildup

Bacterial buildup in your dishwasher can lead to both health concerns and dish spots. Regularly clean and sanitise your dishwasher to prevent microbial growth. Pay extra attention to areas prone to moisture, like seals and gaskets.


In conclusion, achieving spotless dishes from your commercial dishwasher involves a combination of factors, from water quality and detergent choice to proper maintenance and loading techniques. By understanding the intricacies of your dishwasher and implementing the tips provided, you can bid farewell to spots and ensure consistently impeccable results for your restaurant or catering business.