Air conditioning unit maintenance in London

Air conditioning unit maintenance is necessary at least for two reasons. First, it ensures that the air your unit outputs is clean and healthy. Second, it enables you to prevent many issues and failures. If you are looking for a vendor to provide your ac with professional care, welcome to Royal Keepers! We have a lot of companies that deal with home ac maintenance and will be happy to service your appliance.

Air conditioning unit maintenance Air conditioning unit maintenance

What typical air conditioning unit maintenance includes

Ac unit maintenance is a task that includes a wide range of activities. These activities aim to cover all parts and components of the system and include as follows:


  • Unit assessment (including both indoor and outdoor parts)
  • Cleaning or replacing filters (depending on what is applicable in your case)
  • Cleaning condenser and condensate line, evaporator and compressor
  • Checking the coolant level and refiling it if necessary
  • Lubricating moving components


To be specific, assessment focuses not only on the parts and system controls but on the electrical connection as well. For cleaning ac parts, engineers use professional equipment and recommended detergents. If during the air con maintenance an engineer detects a possible issue, repairs can be arranged right on site but typically come as extra service and at an extra price.


Note, only an F-Gas certified engineer or technician should service your air conditioner.


How to reach aircon maintenance vendors via Royal Keepers

At Royal Keepers, you have a few options to reach companies, get their quotes, and arrange a visit of their engineers.


First, send your request for quotation to all the listed companies that offer home air conditioner maintenance services. For this, select “Engineering repair services” in the industry filter. Then, select air conditioning unit maintenance as a service.


Second, contact a selected air conditioning maintenance company via our chat. Note, chat is available only for registered users. So, if you are not with Royal Keepers yet, sign up and take advantage of the option.


At last, you can get a vendor contact (if a vendor provides this) on its info page and contact it by phone.



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