Bespoke scaffolding in London

Bespoke scaffolding takes into account such aspects as building height, shape, and peculiarities. These peculiarities can be a large number of protrusions, irregular caves, etc. So, if you construct, reconstruct, or reface an exterior of a non-standard or asymmetric building, bespoke scaffolding rental is the only that can meet your needs. Typically, searching for a reliable scaffold company is highly troublesome. But at Royal Keepers, you will find a lot of the installers near you quickly and select the one you need hassle-free.

Bespoke scaffolding Bespoke scaffolding

A brief guide to bespoke scaffolding rental

In general, a bespoke scaffolding pipeline doesn’t differ from any other scaffolding rental services. All the stages are present here:


  • Design
  • Erection
  • Inspection
  • Dismantling


Still, there is a difference in the essence of these stages. To clarify, bespoke scaffolding projects are of increased complexity. More intensive load calculations. Sophisticated engineering solutions to provide sufficient and safe access to the very last spot. Therefore, basic scaffold structures or, in many cases, even system scaffold structures are not applicable here.


Besides, bespoke scaffolding requires higher qualifications for erection, inspection, and dismantling activities. For example, in most cases, there should be a CISRS Advanced Scaffolder card for erection and dismantling tasks. And always a CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection card for inspection services.

Benefits of using Royal Keepers

On the one hand, in the era of the Internet, searching for a scaffold company seems to be easy and quick. However, on the other hand, finding a contractor that provides high-quality bespoke scaffolding services is actually difficult and time-consuming. Not to mention negotiating your project with each installer individually to get their quotations.


In contrast, with Royal Keepers, you benefit five times. First, you get all available scaffold companies in one place. Second, you can send your RFQ to all of them and get their prices by filling up the unified request form. Third, you can check company ratings and read real customer reviews right on the platform. Fourth, you can run negotiations via an integrated chat. Fifth, you can get company contacts and reach it directly.


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