Demolition scaffolding in London

Demolition scaffolding is an essential part of your demolition project. The same is true with renovation scaffolding if you carry out an exterior renovation project. In all these cases, you need to turn to scaffolding rental services. On Royal Keepers, you will easily find a scaffold company near you that meets your requirements and budget for rental.

Demolition scaffolding service Demolition scaffolding service

Reliable demolition or renovation scaffolding contractor

Basically, there are three essential aspects you need to consider when hiring a scaffolding contractor:


  • Sufficient CISRS training and certification
  • Strong commitment to your project pipeline
  • Strict Health and Safety policy


To clarify, demolition or renovation scaffolding requires a Scaffolder (System) or Advanced Scaffolder license. Note, a Scaffolder (System) license is sufficient only for dealing with system scaffold structures. However, for more complex structures, an Advanced Scaffolder license is required.


Also, the scaffolding sequence should follow your workflow. This is especially important for demolition projects. Here, installers are not only to erect the structure. They are to dismantle its layers in strict accordance with demolition progression.


At last, a contractor must undertake all required fall prevention measures during their works.

How Royal Keepers can help you

Royal Keepers is a huge base of UK scaffolding companies and a convenient request sending system. When you complete the request form, the system sends it throughout the base. Thereby, you can reach at once all the available companies that provide demolition or renovation scaffolding services. So, your quotation process is more effective and requires less of your time.


For further negotiations with the selected contractor, we provide a convenient chat. You can open chats with as many companies as you want.


If you need, you can get in touch with a company by sending your message to it via our platform. Besides, many scaffold companies disclose their direct contacts. So, you can check the company profile to get its contacts for a call.


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