Air conditioner installation in London

Air conditioning installation is a service for which you want to turn only to reliable professionals. On Royal Keepers, you will easily find a reliable air conditioning installation company and arrange the deal in a few clicks.

Air conditioner installation Air conditioner installation

What to expect from an aircon installation service

Home air conditioning installation is not just about mounting indoor and outdoor units of your HVAC system. Instead, it includes a wide range of tasks your air con installers should handle:


  • Assessment of your cooling needs
  • Designing an HVAC system
  • Preparatory, mounting, and connection work


Assessment of your cooling needs aims to help you and your AC installer understand requirements for the system cooling capacity (in BTUs). HVAC system design includes such aspects as the number of items to install, unit location (both indoor and outdoor), and ventilation system design (if applicable). Preparatory work is activities that come before mounting. Such work includes drilling and cabling, arranging sites where units will be installed, arranging ductwork (if any), etc. At last, mounting is about hooking the units plus arranging the correct draining. The connection work is about its empowering and fitting with ductwork (if applicable).

Note, for air conditioning installation you need an expert with an F-Gas certificate.

How to arrange domestic air conditioning installation through Royal Keepers

At Royal Keepers, we strive to help you get a simpler and more efficient experience when you search for vendors.


We provide a reach-all form for your quotation request that you can fill out with your inquiry for an air conditioning installation service. This form ensures that all specialized vendors in our database get notified of your needs instantly and can reply to you with their quotes.


Also, we offer an integrated chat for hassle-free negotiation right on our platform. Here, you can ask your questions and arrange a visit of an AC engineer for assessment. If you prefer direct negotiations, turn to the company info page. There, you can find company contacts and call it directly.



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