Residential scaffolding in London

Residential scaffolding is what you need to carry out the exterior works in case they are performed at a height of 4 feet or above. This means scaffolding hire is absolutely necessary for works related to the first floor and above. It is not only about access to the required place but about a safe working environment as well. Royal Keepers is a unique platform that brings a lot of UK scaffold installers in one place. Here, you can easily find someone near you to hire for your project.

Residential scaffolding service Residential scaffolding service

Residential scaffolding rental and your project

Commonly, residential scaffolding rental assists house extending, roofing, refacing, or new building projects. However, the service is popular for building maintenance or when you need to replace soffits or gutters. Still, regardless of the project, residential scaffolding is a bulk service. To clarify, it includes:


  • Scaffold design and drawings
  • Structure assembly, installation, and inspection
  • Scaffold dismantling and disposal


Besides, most of the companies provide assistance in obtaining the permit to ensure your project complies with local legislation. Note when hiring a scaffold installer, make sure he has the required competence. For this purpose, check his CISRS card. It should be valid and relevant.

How to use a Royal Keepers service

First, choose a service you need and apply a location filter. Thus, you will select scaffold companies that operate near you. Second, complete the provided form to submit your request. Our system will deliver your request to all available residential scaffolding installers. Another option here is to reach one or more companies individually online via our platform. Or, if a company discloses its contacts, you can call it.


Third, compare prices installers will send in response to your request. Fourth, check their rating and customer reviews on the platform. This will help you analyse the company’s performance and reliability. Fifth, negotiate terms and conditions with the selected installers via our integrated chat and arrange their visit.


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