Scaffold drawings in London

Scaffold drawings are a must for erecting structures that are safe and provide necessary access. If you onboarded a certified engineer who could design and draw scaffolds and purchased special CAD software, you have in-house designing and drawing facilities. If you lack any of these, you need to outsource the task to a specialised company. We created Royal Keepers and collected many scaffold design drawings companies in our base to simplify and speed up your vendor searching.

Scaffold drawings service Scaffold drawings service

Choose a vendor according to your scaffold drawings needs

To make the right choice, you should understand your needs. First, think closely about what type of scaffold design drawings will be the best for your project and your team:


  • 2D drawing
  • 3D drawing


Typically, a 2D design is the most common to order. However, for some complex projects, you may need a 3D design. Because it shows how the scaffolding structure will look in reality instead of presenting it in schemes.


Second, know your budget. That is to say, 2D scaffold drawings are cheaper than 3D ones. In other words, if you want to have the latter, you should be prepared to pay more. So, make sure you have a sufficient budget.


Third, plan ahead. To clarify, different vendors may use different CAD software. Of course, scaffold drawings must be equally explicit regardless of what software a company uses. Still, if you plan to make some alterations or use some of its parts as templates later, you’d better choose a company that deals with widely used software. In this case, you will have more options in the future instead of getting vendor lock-in.

Find scaffold drawing vendor on Royal Keepers

The value of Royal Keepers is it enables you to reach a company individually or in bulk. To reach a company individually, use a company’s contacts we provide or chat with the vendor right on our platform. To reach companies in bulk, fill out the service request form and get prices from all vendors in our base. Then, compare the vendor’s prices and ratings and make your choice.


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