Scaffold inspections in London

Scaffold inspections are one of the safety requirements in the scaffolding industry you must comply with. You may need a one-off audit for successful commissioning of your stage structures or for ensuring their safety after the elements or alterations. Besides, you may need regular weekly inspections for your long-term usage of the structure. On Royal Keepers, you will easily find a company that provides both of these services.

Scaffolding inspections service Scaffolding inspections service

Things to consider when dealing with a scaffold inspection vendor

The reliability of your staging structures is crucial for the safety of your workers. And ensuring this safety is your direct responsibility. Therefore, undertaking all the required scaffolding inspections is your obligation. When searching for a scaffold inspection vendor, you should pay attention to the following aspects:


  • Vendor qualification
  • Vendor safety policy
  • Scaffold safety report and tag


First, an inspector who will be in charge of carrying out the audit must have a sufficient qualification. In other words, for basic structures, a CISRS basic scaffold inspection qualification is enough. However, to inspect more complex structures, a CISRS advanced scaffold inspection card is required. This guarantees the compliance of the procedure with the industry requirements.


Second, a company that provides scaffolding inspections shall have a strict safety policy and undertake strong preventative safety measures. Also, a reliable vendor should provide the safety report within 24hours. At last, they should be able to provide a scaffold safety tag on your request.

Build your vendor network with Royal Keepers

At Royal Keepers, we have an extensive base of vendors who carry out scaffold inspections. You can reach all of them in one go by filling out our request form. Thus, you can get a great number of quotations to choose from. Moreover, due to our rating system, you can check the company rating, read its customers reviews, and, thus, make your confident choice. Then, you can text your inquiries via our chat and discuss your project with the vendor you plan to hire.


Also, for some companies, we disclose their contact information, so that you can call them directly.


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